Wall Squat

bandwallsquatThe wall squat is an easier alternative to the squat and is typically used as an alternative to those who can’t perform regular squats due to an injury.  It targets the gluts, quads as well as helping with development of the core.  Just make some slight changes to increase or decrease the intensity.

All you need is an exercise/swiss ball and lean back against it.

  • Rest a swiss ball between your back and the wall and have both feet planted a couple of feet in front of you.
  • Step on the resistance band and grasp both ends.  Make sure to wrap the band around your hand to take up the slack and control the tension.
  • Start by sliding down with the ball rolling up your back until your knees are at around a 90° angle.
  • For added difficulty, hold the position for a certain period of time or try it with one leg



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