Theraband Resistance Color Chart

Theraband exercises are a great way to get in shape without injuring yourself.  You can perform the exercises alone with the resistance bands or use them with free weights to add an extra level of resistance.  Due to its versatility, you can use resistance bands to target virtually every muscle in your body.  It has become an increasingly popular fitness tool for those looking to tone muscles and increase strength.  As an APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) endorsed product, it is also an ideal tool used in Physical Therapy.  Like free weights, Theraband resistance bands are designed for strength training and to build muscle mass.  They come in varying levels of resistance represented by different colors.  The following color progression chart represents the resistance levels of each band:


Tan/Extra Thin – The lightest amount of resistance.
Yellow/Thin – Light resistance. Very little effort.
Red/Medium – Medium resistance.
Green/Medium to Heavy – Medium to heavy level of resistance.
Blue/Extra Heavy – Heavy resistance. For those who are stronger.
Black/Heaviest – Heaviest resistance. This is used primarily for the large muscle groups.

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