Resistance Bands

Resistance bands offer you a different type of workout.  With its versatility and varying resistance levels, you can effectively target muscles from every angle with its full range of motion.  Despite its simplicity, people are generally surprised at how much of a workout they can really get from them.

There are 3 types of resistance bands.

  1. Elastic Tubes with Handles– These are reinforced rubber tubes with ergonomic handles.  You can use these bands for virtually every type of strength training exercise including triceps, biceps, legs, and chest press.
    ProductTube/Band ResistanceColorDiamter/Measurements 
    Thera-Band Exercise Tubing 25' CUT TUBING - EXTRA THINExtra LightTan.062 ID x .031 wall
    Thera-Band Thin Soft Grip Tubing, Yellow, 48-Inch
    LightYellow.200 ID x .045 wall
    Thera-Band Medium Soft Grip Tubing, Red, 48-Inch
    Light MediumRed.200 ID x .057 wall
    Thera-Band Heavy Soft Grip Tubing, Green, 48-Inch
    MediumGreen.200 ID x .069 wall
    Thera-Band Tubing Soft Handle, Color: Blue 48inMedium HeavyBlue.200 ID x .085 wall
    Thera-Band Tubing Soft Handle, Color: Black 50inHeavyBlack.200 ID x .098 wall
    Thera-Band Super Heavy Soft Grip Tubing, Silver, 50Extra HeavySilver.200 ID x .125 wall
  2. Resistance Bands – Unlike the resistance bands with handles, these bands are long elastic bands without handles but are equally effective and can be used for all strength training exercises.

    Theraband Resistance Bands

     ProductBand ResistanceColorSize
    tanThera-Band- 6 Yard- Tan
    Extra ThinTan6 yds
    yellowThera-Band 6-Yard Exercise Band (Yellow, Light)
    ThinYellow6 yds
    red_Theraband 6yd Red Medium
    MediumRed6 yds
    6-yard-band-greenHygenic Thera-Band Resistive Latex Exercise Band 6 yards, Heavy, Green
    HeavyGreen6 yds
    6-yard-bandHygenic Thera-Band Resistive Latex Exercise Band 6 yards, Extra Heavy, Blue
    Extra HeavyBlue6 yds
    Theraband-20060-Professional-Resistance-Band-Black-(Special-Heavy)-6-Yard-RollTheraband 20060 Professional Resistance Band Black (Special Heavy) 6 Yard Roll
    Spcl HeavyBlack6 yds
    silverYogaAccessories (TM) Precut 6' Thera-Band - Silver (22 mils)
    Spr HeavySilver6 yds
    gold6 yd Therapy Band - Gold/Max
    MaxGold6 yds
  3. Loop Bands – These are circular bands that look like rubber bands that are used to increase strength and balance.  They come in lengths of 8, 12, and 18 inches and come in the following colors and resistance levels:
    ProductBand ResistanceColor  
    Thera-band resistance loops - 12" thin yellowLightYellow
    Thera-band resistance loops - 12" medium red
    Thera-band resistance loops - 18" heavy green
    Thera-band resistance loops - 12" Extra Heavy blue
    Extra HeavyBlue


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