The Best Resistance Bands

resistance-bands-therabandResistance bands have become an increasingly popular fitness tool for those looking for a fun and creative way to tone muscles and increase strength.  Even for those who are continuously on the go, resistance bands are an excellent travel tool.  Just stick them in your suitcase and take it with you to get a quick workout in your hotel room.

You’ll find resistance band exercises incorporated into physical therapy and regular fitness programs.  One of the leading brands, Theraband is an APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) endorsed product and is also an ideal tool used in Physical Therapy. Resistance bands are color coded according to their tension level.

See this Resistance Band color chart for more information.

There are also three types of resistance bands:

      1. One is the elastic tubing that look similar to a jump rope that come have ergonomic handles on each end.
      2. Second are the long elastic bands.
      3. The third type are elastic loop bands or ankle bands that look like large versions of rubber bands used primarily for legs.

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Resistance Bands for Fitness Studies show that there are added benefits to the use of resistance bands over free weights.  While free weights require gravity and up and down movements, resistance bands like Theraband provide constant tension allowing you to target areas that would typically be more difficult with free weights.  You can perform exercises that would involve kicking, punching, swinging (i.e., golf swing, baseball bat) and a range of other motions where the bands would provide continuous tension.  For example, when you perform bicep curls with free weights, the tension gets weaker at certain points but with resistance bands, the tension is constant throughout the full range of motion.

Resistance Bands for Physical Therapy

Resistance bands have been used for Physical Therapy for years.  They provide effective resistance training without affecting the joints or exacerbating any injuries.  Due to the full range of motion that the bands provide, Physical Therapists are able to help patients increase their strength.

Resistance Band Exercises

There are a number of resistance band exercises that can be performed with any one of the resistance bands.  From common leg exercises to regular arm exercises, you can follow the traditional routines or you can get creative.  Use your surroundings like the door or chair to assist you with your workouts.  Most importantly, make sure to inspect your bands prior to use to insure safety.  Last thing you would need is to have the band snap!

Resistance Band Equipment

From resistance bands to exercise balls, there are a number of products to choose from. The type of fitness activity you choose will determine which product is suitable for your program.

Pick equipment you enjoy using. Believe us when we say if you don’t enjoy using it, it won’t be used.

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